Johan Herskind (born 1990, Denmark) is an electric- and double bass player, composer, singer, teacher and bandleader. He has collaborated with a large number of groups in the genres of world-, jazz-, rock- and North European folk music. He is currently active with folk/experimental duo Bass & Flowers, working on a solo performance and open for new collaborations.


He is also currently working on improving his intonation and bow technique and is trying to get a seat in one of Stockholm's semi professional orchestras. Let's cross fingers!


Johan has performed and toured in most countries of Western- and Northern Europe and has a four years bachelors degree in jazz- folk- and world music from the Danish Academy of Music and the Sibelius Academy in Finland.


Johan Herskind is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.


Bass & Flowers

Homebrew melodies and handcrafted texts based on stories of lives and dreams.

Two-voice harmonies, groovy double bass and singing violin are the main ingredients.


We played our first concert in december 2015 at Stallet - Folk & Världsmusik in Stockholm. Since then we've toured in Finland, Belgium and Denmark and played at different small festivals around Sweden.


We're happily up for more concerts at all kind of different locations. You're welcome to contact us!



Evelyne 'Flowers' Lauwers - violin & voice

Johan 'Bass' Herskind - double bass & voice


For info about upcoming concerts:


October 2016

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